Star Survivor of the Month

Brandon Bowen, Founding Board Member

Hi my name is Brandon I am 26 years old and suffered a TBI 2 days before my 20th birthday in August of 2013.. I spent 6 weeks in ICU on life support in a medically induced coma.. I underwent numerous surgeries and fought everyday for my life. At one point my family was told I was brain dead .. but they fought for me!!! I went on to spend 13 months in a brain injury rehab where I had to slowly wake up and learn to talk, eat, and live again.. I still can’t walk or use my hands and am deemed a quadriplegic and use a wheelchair.. but I don’t let that stop me from life.. i love my friends and family and although I can’t do all the things I used to do we keep busy.. I attend physical occupational and speech therapies weekly to get me stronger and help me relearn to walk again.. I love music, movies, bowling, going to the beach to hear the bands and listen to my favorite band Pete Moss and the Fertilizers play..I love seeing my friends and attending all the events the Social Brain does.. my mom and I helped start the group with friends we met through our journey.. it’s an amazing group that helps with the isolation that comes with living with TBI.. it gets us out and doing fun activities with people like us and make new friends and socialize which is really important.. my life is different now but making the best of it and the Social Brain is an awesome organization that helps the survivors and their caregivers get out and be part of the “normal” world again!!! 

Jon McIntyre, Founding Board Member

Jon sustained his TBI in 1983 when he was 15 years old. Jon’s philosophy is to make tomorrow better than today. Jon is grateful for his family and friends for the support that they provide. The Social Brain has helped him make new friends. He enjoys the monthly activities, making memories with his new friends and is appreciative for the peer support from his friends at The Social Brain.